With innovations such as Ragusa Noir, Ragusa Blond and Ragusa For Friends, Chocolats Camille Bloch has combined tradition and modernity, creating new taste experiences. In each of these creations, we have successfully innovated, while remaining true to the original characteristics of Ragusa. We have been using the same production process for 75 years, combining our inimitable praline and crunchy hazelnuts, making Ragusa a wonderfully incorrigible chocolate.

Like Ragusa, its fans are unique, each with their own character. With this in mind, we have launched a new campaign. The ads humorously depict the incorrigible side of various people in their everyday life.

Why are you incorrigible?

Are you one of those people with a quirky character and a somewhat incorrigible side? Someone who is true to themselves and proud?


“That’s Lara all over. It’s just instinct. I follow my heart. If I feel something’s not right, it comes out in the end. I tell myself I should’ve followed my instinct in the first place. When skiing, and in life in general, you need to listen to yourself, and trust your own inner voice.”

Like Ragusa, there’s something incorrigible about Lara Gut. She reveals more on the “20 minutes” website.